Keeping San Diego Newborn Photography Affordable: Our Simplistic Approach

Newborn photography is a cherished way to capture the fleeting moments of your baby’s first days. However, the cost can sometimes be a concern for parents, which is understandable because a lot of newborn photographer packages in San Diego county are extremely expensive. Some have their least expensive packages starting at $900. We believe that beautiful, timeless photos don’t have to have elaborate set ups, a lot of props, and unnatural posing that requires composite work in photoshop. We keep our newborn photography affordable by focusing on simplicity. This is not only our aesthetic preference, but also how we keep costs down in the San Diego Newborn Photography market. 

1. Emphasizing Simplistic Beauty with Minimalist Setups

Our philosophy centers around capturing the natural beauty of your newborn. Instead of using a myriad of props and elaborate setups, we let your baby be the star. A simple cozy blanket, beautiful light, and a few gentle poses are often all we need to create stunning photos at our San Marcos, California newborn photography studio located in beautiful San Elijo Hills. You’ll likely see a lot of detailed and complex set ups when searching for newborn photographers in San Diego county. A photo will have a backdrop, the baby will be dressed in a cashmere outfit with a matching hat, posed on a prop like a bucket or a bed, with 3 different layers of knitted fabric, and a plush toy in hand. This 1 set up alone will likely cost upwards of $500 and is utterly unnecessary in our humble opinion. There’s a stark contrast when you look through out portfolio, which often has 1 backdrop, a simple wrap, and that’s it! 

2. Natural Posing

We prioritize the comfort and safety of your newborn, which is why we avoid unnatural poses and props. Instead, we use poses that mimic how babies naturally position themselves, whether it’s curling up in a soft blanket or resting peacefully. This not only ensures your baby is comfortable but also speeds up the photo session, reducing costs. You’ll often see babies put in “froggy pose” when you look at the work of many other photographers. This pose is unnatural and only accomplished by doing composite work in photoshop to remove hands to ensure safety by holding the baby in this position. The photos in poses like this inherently makes us feel uncomfortable because it is simply not natural and unsafe to put babies in that position without the aid of someone holding the baby for safety reasons. While this can be done safely with proper precautions it still carries risk, we personally find it unnecessary and a bit strange that it’s a popular trend to put babies in positions that can only be accomplished by doing photoshop manipulation. Safety is our number one priority and we prefer simple, natural posing and photos. 

3. Efficient Sessions

Our streamlined process means that we can complete a session in less time without compromising on quality. By focusing on essential shots and minimizing setup changes, we can capture a variety of beautiful images quickly and efficiently. This efficiency helps us keep our prices affordable while still delivering high-quality photos.

4. Straightforward Pricing

We don’t push products and we understand that the majority of people want digital images so that they can share, print, and have the freedom to do what they want with the images. While we encourage printing and love when our clients proudly display their photos in their homes, we do not limit packages and increase pricing to force this. It’s also becoming more frequent for photographers to do in-person sales for products and images. We do not do this. Our packages are straightforward and our pricing is very affordable for the caliber of artistic, timeless, high-quality images we offer. 


Affordable newborn photography doesn’t mean compromising on quality. By embracing a simplistic approach, we ensure that the essence of your baby’s early days is beautifully captured. Our goal is to provide you with stunning, artistic photos that you can cherish forever, all while keeping the experience stress-free and budget-friendly.

If you’re looking for classic, simplistic, timeless images of your newborn, contact us today to schedule a session.

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